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   An Immersive and Controlled Environment for Construction Training

iHR | immersive Hybrid Reality

The ICE project endeveours to develop the immersive Hybrid Reality (iHR) system, a totally novel state-of-the-art mixed reality system that aims to fully (i.e. structurally) integrate real and virtual environments. The aim goal is to deploy this system in colleges to support the practical, yet safe training of students in various types of environments. In 2015, the project has received a CIOB International Research & Innovation Highly Commended Award in the Innovation in Education and Training category.

CIOB IR Awards 2015 Winners Badge

Our latest results are shown in the two videos below. The first video provides an introduction to the system with a user moving on the top of a steel beam at 100m height. The second shows a situation where the user can freely walk in an environment and interact with virtual objects. It is important to note that the system is fully wearable (the cable that can be seen in the first video is only for the projection on the wall). Also, notice the "HR" functionality in action, as the user can see themselves and their closely surrounding environment altogether immersed in the environment.