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News & Events


2016-11-30: TurbineHR II.

 The ICE team, in collaboration with Animmersion Ltd., is to extend its TurbineHR project supported by ESP, ORE Catapult and Fife College. In this new project, training will move from the top of turbine to inside them.


2016-11-15: ICE at Scottish Parliament.

The ICE team has been delighted and honoured to contribute to the "Construction: a career like no other" event held at the Scottish Parliament!

 2016-06-04 144312 medium

2016-06-04: ICE showcases its work at home! At the Heriot-Watt University Garden Party.

Over the last four years we have conducted numerous public engagement events, mainly with young people, sometimes with industry professionals and policy makers, and once simply for adults. Today, we had the chance to show the iHR to numerous children and their parents who work at Heriot-Watt University. Along with our colleague Alex MacLaren, we have received plenty of visits of curious people who sometimes had heard of us but had never seen the system. Fair enough they got to have a shot at it!

2016-06-02 104156 medium

2016-06-02: ICE supporting the Glasgow Science Centre Big Bang day!

 We have been stormed by successive waves (classes) of children who then sadly had to orderly queue for trying the iHR system. It seems to have been a successful day overall, and the iHR stood well along the virtual welding, the robot challenge, and several other booths. We have been very pleased to support ESP for that day.


2016-05-06: For a change, it is adults who tried our iHR at Botanic Lates!

 It was a really pleasant (although extremely busy) evening at the Botanic Lates, where for once adults were trying the iHR system. Conversations were different from those in our usual engagement events, and it was nice to answer questions about the end purpose of the system, the type of reseach done in our department at Heriot-Watt, etc. We just wished we had 5 minutes for a little drink with everybody :)

2016-04-22 CIOBAwards medium

2016-04-22: ICE Project received 2 CIOB Innovation and Research Awards!

The ICE Project was at the CIOB Scotland Annual Dinner to receive two CIOB International Innovation & Research Awards for the iHR and AT-BAN systems. We team is absolutely honoured by these two awards that we share with our project partners and supporters.

fife test

2016-04-01: New project with CITB and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) 

We are excited to start a new project with CITB and SDS to develop an immersive VR app to engage young people about energy efficiency in housing and corresponding careers in the AEC sector.

2016-03-29 SCG-event

2016-03-29: School pupils get hi-tech tour of construction sector.

The ICE was invited to demo the iHR system at a seminar organised by the Scottish Construction Group that aimed to "offer pupils a glimpse of the future of the sector using the latest technology". The event was attended by 85 pupils from Glasgow secondary schools.

mahmudul news

2016-03-01: ICE team is very pleased to welcome a new member: Mahmudul Hassan.

Mr. (soon Dr.) Mahmudul Hassan has started today, joining us from Malaysia (he's actually from Bangladesh). He will work on iHR system, and its deployment in both Ediburgh College and Fife College.

2016-02-29 ORE-Catapult medium

2016-02-29: ICE at ORE Catapult Launch with Scottish Minister.

The ICE was invited to demo the iHR system at the official unveilling of its 7MW demonstration offshore wind turbine in Levenmouth. The launch was attended by Scottish Government Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism Fergus Ewing who took some time to try our system to experience what it's like to stand on top of a turbine. A very nice day with great feedback for the whole attendance.

2015-10-29 SkillsScotland medium

2015-10-29: Another successful year at Skills Scotland in Edinburgh 

Hundreds of prospective applicants from the entire region attended the event. Maybe a hundred of them visited our area where our ICE Immersive system enabled them to experience situations of work at height, in particular standing on a pitched roof. Our system was very popular, and we are happy to have contributed to the overall success of the Edinburgh College booth that received the "best booth" award..

fife test

2015-10-07: Piloting an iHR System for Wind-Turbine Safety and Maintenance Training 

Our team is collaborating with the Energy Skills Partnership (ESP) and Fife College to pilot the immersive Hybrid Reality (iHR) system. The system will be deployed at Fife College with an initial focus on raising awareness on H&S issues and establishing trainees' readiness to work at extreme height (without being exposed to any health and safety risks). The second stage will involve developing a training scenario for wind turbine pro-active maintenance.

2015-09-16 APS BIM4HS

2015-09-16: Great feedback at APS BIM4HS conference.

We were delighted to be invited at the Association for Project Safety (APS) BIM4H&S Conference in London, where we were offered a presentation slot for introducing the ICE project to and attendance of 50 attendees who then were able to trial our system. We got really positive feedback from the conference delegates. Thanks, and maybe see you at the APS Annual Convention in October in Edinburgh.


2015-08-07: Converge Challenge -- Submission of business proposal

Siva has entered the Converge Challenge back in May (with focus on the AT-BAN system), and made his final Business Proposal submission today. Great work, and let's all cross fingers for him (and us! ☺).

2015-08-06 BIM2050-2  2015-08-06 BIM2050-3

2015-08-06: BIM2050 looks at ICE technologies for the future!

Today we have the great pleasure of showcasing our technologies (iHR and AT-BAN systems) to the CIC BIM2050 Group. These inspired construction practitioners seemed quite enthusiastic about our technologies and asked really good questions (thanks for those, and thank you to Alex MacLaren for organising the visit).

As a result, we've even been invited to present our systems at the coming BIM4H&S conference in London on September 16th. We look forward to be there!

2015-07 09 ScottishWater

2015-07-09: Looking at further industrial collaboration, this time with Scottish Water.

A team of health and safety professionals from Scottish Water have visited us and tried our AT-BAN (motion tracking) system. We're looking into trialing it for supporting the training of their employees and reduce the risks of MSDs.

2015-06-22 NHS-surgeons-visit

2015-06-22: Because orthopedics surgeons are also subject to MSDs, and need virtual training!

We were pleased to have received the visit of a team of three NHS orthopedics surgeons today who have tested our immersive Hybrid Reality (iHR) sydtem --- yes, that's how we call it now --- and AT-BAN (motion tracking) system, and are interested in pursuing their application in surgey training and surgeon health management.

Showcase event

2015-06-05: Construction showcase event provides insights into latest training initiatives.

Heriot-Watt University in-partnership with Edinburgh College's Institute of Construction and Building Crafts (ICBC), and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) organised a research showcase in which the latest developments in construction training were displayed. International researchers and industry professionals gathered to discuss the best ways to promote skills development.

Delegates tried both AT-BAN and VR/AR solutions, being immersed within virtual but realistic site conditions and evaluating the latest advances in the ICE project.

fife meeting

2015-03-18: ICE team meets with the Vice-Principal at Fife College to discuss innovation in training for the energy sector.

Our reseach team met the team at Fife College and Energy Skills Partnership at Fife College. The aim of the meeting was to discuss collaboration for applying our cutting-edge immersive Virtual/Augmented Reality system to support training activities in the energy sector in particular for Wind-Turbine maintenance. It is envisaged that a pilot project will be run to demostrate how the technology could be integrated and embedded within the existing training provision at Colleges.

2015-01 EnergySkillsFair

2015-01-21: ICE supported the Energy Skills Partnership at the Energy Careers Fair!

Hundreds of prospective applicants from the entire region attended the event, with a large portion visiting the ICE stand where our Immersive system enabled inviduals to experience a few work-at-height situation, in particular standing on the top of a wind turbine, something very relevant to the day. In fact, we were pleased to see a lot of colleagues from the other stands come and try our system as well.

2014-11 13 SkillsScotland small

2014-11-13: ICE supported Edinburgh College at the Skills Scotland event!

Hundreds of prospective applicants from the entire region attended the event. More than one hundred of them visited our area where our ICE Immersive system enabled them to experience situations of work at height, in particular standing on a pitched roof. This was particularly relevant because the neighbouring stand was a portion of a pitched roof where visitors could lay tiles. Our system was very popular, and we are happy to have contributed to the overall success of the Edinburgh College booth that received the "best booth" award.

SkillsShow resize medium

2014-11-13 to 15: ICE supported CITB at the Skills Show event at the NEC in Birmingham!

With more than 70,000 visitors, the Skills Show is the nation's largest skills and careers event, helping to shape the future of the next generation. Over three days, the CITB booth welcomed the visitors with various simulators including our work-at-height simulator. Jamie Warren, a CITB colleague who run our system there told us that he "plonked the headset on someone’s head well in excess of 1000 times [...] heard a lot of `Wows' [...] was punched twice (as people lost balance on the virtual roof) and experienced a few screams". This once again proves that such a system can realistically immersive anybody in any environment.

Thanks Jamie for this nice picture of the booth!

2014-10-07 CSIC website small

2014-10-8: Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's deputy first minister, visits ICE!

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) was launched yesterday at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. ICE was invited to host a stand showcasing our technologies. This was a great success for us, with lots of interests from attendees. And, we even had a special guest, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's deputy first minister, who came to visit us and tried our immersive system. She particularly experienced sitting in the cabin of a tower crane operator, 150m above the ground, overlooking downtown Philadelphia. She said she was impressed, and this confirmed that she's not afrait of height! ;)

princetrust adjusted

2014-08-01: ICE's immersive system was used today in conjunction with Prince's Trust 's "Get into Home Building" programme.

The system was used to immerse about 15 trainees in varying situations of work at height, in order for them to develop an understanding of what it is to work in such contexts. Feedback was really good from the trainees! With many expressing their wish to stick to indoor ground-based joinery work :)

This afternoon's experience concludes an otherwise successful three-week programme that was organized in collaboration with CITB and Edinburgh College.

Enrique news

2014-08-01: ICE team is very pleased to welcome a new member. Dr. Enrique Valero has started today, joining us from Spain.

Enrique will initially work on the motion tracking system, in particular investigating and demonstrating valuable applications in relation to training and life-long health.

2014-06-20: Great news! CITB has agreed to fund ICE developments for another 2 years!

The funding will be used for:

  1. The immersive environment to develop our envisioned AR system, possibly improve our head tracking, and deploy a usable system for a specifc training scenario; and
  2. The controlled environment to test and deploy our motion sensing system

EC AllStaffEvent Modified Medium

2014-06-17: The ICE team showcased its work at the Edinburgh College Annual All Staff Event with more than 1000 attendees!
This was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of some of our technologies to education beyond construction. We had lots of people visiting us, with many returning with colleagues and saysing: "you've got to try this!" This is very rewarding and motivating for us. Thank you again Edinburgh College for your warm welcome!

CITB-at-Parliament medium

¨2014-06-04: The ICE project has been showcased at the Scottish Parliament to MSPs and a Minister!
This was done during the event celebrating the "50th anniversay of CITB". Many other attendees, including CITB's top management and wider intdustry representative showed interest in the project and trialed our "experience construction height" immersive environment.

2014-05-15: The ICE project was presented at the Joint Investment Research Showcase Event held at Edinburgh College in collaboration with CITB.

Attendees were also able to test our Immersive System at our stand with demos where users could sit on a structural beam at 100m height, as well as get a roofer's experience of standing on the edge of a roof.

More information about the event can be found here.

2014-04 CAU-Fred Scaled-Medium

2014-04-22: Dr. Frédéric Bosché was invited by Assoc. Prof. Changwan Kim of the Dept. of Architectural Engineering of Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Korea, where he presented the ICE research to postgraduate students and researchers.

During his visit, Dr. Bosché was also invited by Prof. Hyoungkwan Kim of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Yonsei University, Seoul, to also present the ICE research to their postgraduate students and researchers.

2014-04-07: We have received this nice video from Edinburgh College from the ICE Lab launch.

IMG 3971 medium

2014-02-26: Today, a team from Learn Direct & Build visited the ICE Lab, in particular the Immersive Environment.

They were able to test by themselves the 3DOF and 6DOF immersive systems, and this was followed by a very positive discussion on the synergies of our works and the potential for further collaboration. It will now be our turn to visit them in Stirling in about 3 weeks!

PRINT SIZE MG 5379 website medium

2013-12-05: The ICE Lab, located on the Granton campus of Edinburgh College, was officially launched today, in the presence of CITB, Edinburgh College and other stakeholders.

The half-day event was the opportunity for the team to showcase current achievements. In particular, the attendees were able to experience standing on a 10m scaffold and sitting on a beam at a 100m height, which gave some some goose bumps! The launch has been picked up by different media including Edinburgh Reporter, CITB News and Heriot-Watt News.

2013-08-08 UWaterloo medium 
2013-08-08: Dr. Frédéric Bosché was invited by Dr. Carl Haas of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Waterloo in Canada, to present the ICE research.

2013-06-17 NCC-Scaffolding medium

2013-06-17: The project team met with Allen Robertson (Product Manager) and Colin Wilkie (Senior Instructor – Access) from the National Construction Colllege (NCC) at Heriot-Watt University. The meeting is part of our on-going activity of engagement with industry stakeholders.

The meeting involved the discussion of possible areas of application of ICE (Immersive and Controlled Environment) for scaffolding training. Our aim is to ensure that the application of ICE is practically-orientated and serves the needs of the industry whilst complementing existing training provision practices.

apara news

 2013-06-12: The team is pleased to announce the joining of Dr. Aparajithan Sivanathan, as a Research Associate. Aparajithan will be working mainly on the Controlled environment.

Ludovico Carozza

2012-10-01: The team is pleased to announce the joining of Dr. Ludovico Carozza, as a Research Associate. Ludovico will be working mainly on the Immersive environment.

Ludovico has expertise in state-of-the-art localization technologies. His main responsibility will be the development of the immersive environment (the "I" in ICE), starting with the localization functional component.

Partners at Opening Ceremony

2012-04-12: Launch of the Research Collaboration between the School of Built Environment (SBE) at Heriot-Watt University and CITB-ConstructionSkills Scotland.

A launch event to mark the begining of the collaboration was attended by Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Wahab (ICE co-PI, and leader of the collaboration), Dr. Frédéric Bosche (ICE co-PI), Prof. Gareth Pender (Head of School), Prof. Phil Banfill (Acting Director fo Research), Natasha Madeira (Business Development Executive, SBE, Heriot-Watt),  Graeme Ogilvy (Director of CITB-ConstructionSkills Scotland), Philip Ford (CITB-Skills Strategy Manager, ConstructionSkills) and John Laing (Sector Business Senior Manager, Edinburgh College).