Welcome to ICE
   An Immersive and Controlled Environment for Construction Training



ICE stands for Immersive and Controlled training Environment. Focusing on construction training, ICE enables college apprentices to perform actual tasks while being immersed within virtual but realistic site conditions (the 'I' in ICE). ICE also recognizes and tracks the activity of the trainees in real-time (the 'C' in ICE) to deliver objective, comprehensive and timely performance feedback to trainees.

Our project team is multi-disciplinary with expertise in construction IT, construction training, and computer science. ICE is an novel application of the VR/AR technology which attempts to address the shortcomings of existing construction training, in particular, lack of interaction with trainee in a simulated real site conditions whilst elminiating any H&S risks.

The ICE facility, funded by CITB, and developed by Heriot-Watt with the collaboration with Edinburgh College, is likely the 1st of its kind in Europe and will be located on the Granton campus of Edinburgh College.

Since its start, the project has seen its list of collaborating partners increase to include Forth Valley College, Fife College, Energy Skills Partnership and Skills Development Scotland.

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